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HINDSIGHT Consulting is a full-service government and public affairs advocacy firm. We help clients navigate complex regulatory and public affairs challenges. We have particular experience helping digital or digitalizing companies navigate the evolving regulatory environment.



We believe that trust is a key value in the relationship that all institutions or organizations build with their stakeholders. We understand policy and stakeholder environments and have been building credibility and trust with governments and institutions for years. Moreover, when your job comes down to influencing public decisions and therefore in a way the definition of the general interest, it is essential to exercise your activity in a framework within which ethics plays a major role.  Deontology, transparency, consistency of the strategy with CSR standards: we are very sensitive to these dimensions of the public affairs profession, which guide our approach on a daily basis.

New complex challenges

Today, leaders of global TMT companies face complex business and geopolitical challenges, such as “techno-nationalism” strategies, impacting everything from corporate strategy, technology innovation, to customer management. Constituents today want also to have their say and know how to use technology. This means the former hierarchies are being replaced by more trusted peer-to-peer, horizontal networks and real-time communication. We address these complex issues at the level of the key decision-making centers, Paris and Brussels.

We’re different!

We’re not like a typical PR company as we offer a comprehensive solution, always mixing government & public affairs with creative communication tools. We build a strategic continuum between your content and positions and your ability to reach all your target audiences with proven results. You are thinking of evolving from a damage control approach to a proactive strategy? We can help you to move forward agility and anticipation.


Led by Loïc Rivière, who has been developing from scratch one of the main tech trade association in France during 15 years, our team also rely on a network of partners and experts who can conveniently complement our solutions. It allows us to see around corners and build strategies adapted to each context that mitigate challenges and take advantage of every opportunities.

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