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REPLAY Webinar  11/23/2021  

Public affairs :

How to manage your files in compliance with the GDPR?

What lessons can Public Affairs managers draw from the CNIL decision which sanctioned Monsanto last July? A fine of € 400,000 imposed on the company for not having informed the persons whose data was recorded in a file for lobbying purposes ...

Presented by:

Jean-Sébastien Mariez

Partner lawyer Momentum firm

Clémence Scottez
Data protection consultant and founder of Privacy Strategy, former Head of the Economic Affairs department of the CNIL

Loïc Rivière
Public affairs consultant and founder Hindsight consulting, former Managing Director of TECH IN France

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What rules to follow to comply with the GDPR when collecting personal data for the purpose of representing interests?

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Video replay
Webinar 23/11/21

Webinar 23/11/21

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